Why Skydiving Is A MUST DO On Your Gap Year

Why Skydiving Is A MUST DO On Your Gap Year

Those Who Don’t Skydive Will Never Fly!

After hearing countless tales from fellow backpackers about their exhilarating skydiving experiences, I found myself unable to resist booking another one myself! A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to take the plunge in Taupo, New Zealand, but the allure of a skydive in Sydney proved irresistible. That incredible surge of adrenaline is undeniably addictive, and I had heard rave reviews about the Sydney skydiving adventure, boasting breathtaking views of the picturesque coastline. Allow me to share why skydiving is truly one of the most unforgettable experiences you can embark upon during your gap year.

Getting ready

Embarking on a skydiving adventure above the captivating Wollongong landscape is an experience that will be etched into your memory for a lifetime. The awe-inspiring views of the coastline, stretching as far south as Manly, were nothing short of breathtaking. As anticipated, the sensation of leaping out of a plane at a staggering altitude of 14,000 feet was truly extraordinary – it left me momentarily breathless.

On a Friday morning, the time had finally arrived for my best friend and me to embark on our skydiving escapade, brimming with excitement. It was her first skydiving experience, and surprisingly, she exuded a calm demeanor, perhaps having absorbed my accounts of how the sheer exhilaration of flying eclipses any fears. We were both eagerly anticipating the jump! The bus from WakeUp hostel in Sydney whisked us away to our destination, Wollongong, a mere hour’s drive from the city.

Upon arrival, we were allocated to a knowledgeable member of the Skydive Australia crew who provided us with a comprehensive safety briefing. Additionally, we were outfitted with our stylish skydiving jumpsuits – talk about looking sexy! I was paired with a skilled Swedish skydiving instructor boasting an impressive 23 years of experience in the field. His passion and expertise only heightened my anticipation, intensifying my eagerness to take the leap.

The crew at Skydive Australia were awesome!

Up, up, and away

The true realization of jumping out of a plane at a staggering altitude of 14,000 feet doesn’t fully sink in until you find yourself airborne, the plane ascending higher and higher. As we exchanged glances, wearing broad smiles, we shared a resolute declaration: “Let’s do this!”

The plane steadily climbed, and after approximately 15 minutes, we peered out the window, struck by the immense height we had reached. The moment had arrived; it was time to open the door and take the leap of faith. The plane’s door swung open, accompanied by a series of changing lights—a transition from red to amber and finally to green. Without hesitation, we embraced the green light as our signal, and with adrenaline coursing through our veins, we boldly leaped into the sky.

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Skydiving in Australia is the best experience

Now I’m freeeee, free fallin’!

Differentiating between the thrill of the free fall and the tranquility of the parachute descent is a challenging task since they offer distinct sensations. As you take that initial leap, an overwhelming “OMG” moment engulfs you. With no control over the situation, your thoughts are consumed by sheer awe, exclaiming, “WOW… this is truly incredible!” It’s an indescribably breathtaking experience, unlike anything you’ve likely encountered before.

While many may perceive it as a feeling of falling, I would describe it more as the exhilaration of soaring through the air. It’s akin to the sensation of flight, an awe-inspiring and unparalleled encounter that defies description. The unique combination of adrenaline and serenity culminates in an extraordinary experience that will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Jumping out of the plane for my skydive was amazing

Cruising back down

Following an exhilarating free fall that seems to pass in a fleeting 45 seconds, the parachute gracefully deploys, and you find yourself peacefully drifting through the sky. This segment of the experience offers a welcomed sense of relaxation (which is not difficult to achieve after the adrenaline surge!). With more time at your disposal, you can fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of the coastline.

After taking a moment to exhale and savor the aftermath of the free fall, my instructor posed an intriguing question: “Would you like to take control?” Without hesitation, I eagerly accepted the opportunity. Guided by my instructor’s instructions, I learned to pull left for a spin to the left, right for a spin to the right, and exert downward pressure to decelerate (though I must confess, I only tried this once, as most of the time I yearned to revel in maximum speed!). To maximize the experience, I eventually relinquished control back to my instructor. The sheer intoxication of controlling the parachute was simply too captivating to resist.

As soon as we touched down, an insatiable desire to relive the entire experience immediately swept over me. The rush was addictive, leaving me craving more.

An unforgettable experience

The reassurance of being in capable hands enhanced the entire skydiving experience, amplifying the enjoyment to new heights. Both my friend and I were fortunate to have exceptional instructors who possessed extensive expertise not only in skydiving itself but also in guiding individuals through the preparations, expectations, and precautions associated with the jump. Their knowledge was invaluable, ensuring a smooth and safe experience. In my case, I specifically requested a thrilling and exhilarating jump, a decision I will never regret.

While the moments of the free fall may blur together in the rapid sequence of events, the remarkable news is that you can capture the entire experience on film. I opted for the video and photo package, allowing me to relive the exhilaration by revisiting the recorded footage and photographs. It serves as a tangible memento, enabling me to revisit the emotions and sensations of that extraordinary leap into the sky.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing…Keep calm and go skydiving!

There’s only so much I can do to explain to you how amazing skydiving feels so I guess, the only way to truly understand the feeling is to do one!

Amazing views during my skydive

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