Why Melbourne Is A Great Place To Start Your Gap Year

Why Melbourne Is A Great Place To Start Your Gap Year

If you’re embarking on a backpacking adventure in Australia, it’s highly probable that you’ll make your way to Melbourne at some stage. Perhaps you’re even starting your journey with our Great Ocean Road Package, which includes a visit to this vibrant city. Melbourne has been consistently voted as the world’s most ‘liveable city’ for three consecutive years, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

So, what sets Melbourne apart and makes it such a remarkable destination?

There are Penguins on the beach!

Phillip Island is renowned for its incredible wildlife experiences, most notably the world-famous penguin parade. Imagine gathering on the beach as the sun sets, witnessing adorable little penguins waddling back to their burrows. But that’s not all this island has to offer. You can also get up close and personal with other fascinating creatures. Give a baby wombat a warm hug, spot koalas nestled in the trees, and even feed Skippy the kangaroo. As part of our Melbourne package, Ultimate Oz provides an excellent day trip to Phillip Island, offering you an unforgettable start to your Australian adventure.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is an essential Australian adventure that begins just an hour outside of Melbourne. While the iconic Twelve Apostles and the London Arch (formerly known as the London Bridge) are well-known highlights, there’s a wealth of other attractions waiting to be discovered. To ensure you make the most of your Great Ocean Road experience, be sure to check out our blog for helpful tips and recommendations (Make the most of the Great Ocean Road). It’s the perfect resource to enhance your journey along this breathtaking coastal route.

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Everybody needs good Neighbours

Relive the nostalgia and immerse yourself in the world of Neighbours right here in Melbourne! Stroll down the halls of Erinsborough High, snap a photo outside Karl Kennedy’s iconic house (who knows, you might even meet him!), and explore the beloved cul-de-sac that has captured the hearts of millions. Ramsay Street awaits you just a stone’s throw away. Embark on an official tour to visit the cherished locations from one of Australia’s longest-running shows. For the ultimate Neighbours experience, upgrade to the Ultimate Fan Tour and step inside the television studios, where you’ll get an exclusive glimpse of sets like Charlie’s Bar and Harold’s Store. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss as a true Neighbours fan!

St Kilda

St Kilda, Melbourne’s vibrant “seaside playground,” is a haven for those seeking a bohemian atmosphere and beachside fun. With its cool rooftop bars and sun-drenched shores, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with a refreshing beer while soaking up the glorious sunshine. St Kilda is a cultural hub, home to numerous theaters and annual events like the renowned St Kilda Festival and White Night, which offer an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, embrace the local culture, and make lasting memories in this exciting neighborhood.

Get lost in the backstreets

In Melbourne, when we encourage you to “get lost,” it’s not meant to be mean-spirited, but rather an invitation to explore the city’s labyrinthine backstreets. These hidden gems are a treasure trove of delightful drinking spots, delectable eateries, and intriguing discoveries. Just be prepared, as finding your way back may prove challenging! The street art adorning these alleyways is a sight to behold, forming an open-air gallery waiting to be admired—if only you can locate it! While guided tours, like the one offered by Urbans Crawl, can showcase the best spots, there’s a certain thrill in stumbling upon new places on your own.

This is just a glimpse into the endless wonders that make Melbourne the most incredible city to live in. There are countless other experiences awaiting you, far too many to cover in one blog. These five suggestions should keep you busy until your next visit. Enjoy your time exploring, and we hope to welcome you back soon!

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