Surf Camp Australia: Learning to Surf in the Aussie way

Surf Camp Australia Learning to Surf in the Aussie way

It’s that exciting time of the year again in sunny Sydney! We’re stowing away our scarves and coats and dusting off our bikinis and swimwear, eagerly anticipating another amazing summer by the beach. As the temperatures climb, it’s the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of surfing and embrace the warmer months ahead! If you’re seeking a week filled with fun, new connections, and unforgettable moments riding the waves, all while making your friends back home green with envy through your epic surfing photos, look no further than Surf Camp. One of our fellow adventure-seekers, Craig, recently embarked on a weekend getaway to Surf Camp, and here’s what he had to say about his action-packed two days of sun, surf, and unforgettable experiences:

So why Surf Camp?

Learning to surf had always been a dream of mine, and where better to make that dream a reality than in Australia! After hearing rave reviews from a few of my friends who had experienced the 5-day Surf Camp, I decided to take the plunge and join the adventure. Since I have weekday commitments, I opted for the weekend Surf Camp, providing the perfect opportunity to escape the bustling city of Sydney and immerse myself in a couple of days of surf-filled bliss!

Surfcamp is back for the summer!

How did the weekend kick-off?

The start of our weekend getaway was a breeze as we gathered outside Wake Up and were promptly picked up. To kick off the adventure, we made a quick stop at Side Bar for a refreshing beer before boarding the bus that would take us to Surf Camp. It was the perfect way to begin the weekend, mingling with fellow travelers from various corners of the globe, including some fantastic locals who added an extra touch of Aussie charm to the group.

What was the highlight of the weekend?

As a complete novice in the world of surfing, the moment I successfully stood up on my second attempt was undeniably a major highlight for me! It was an exhilarating feeling that set the tone for the rest of the weekend. With the guidance and expertise of our instructors, I quickly progressed and by the end of the weekend, I was practically a pro (well, at least in my own mind!). I must give top marks to our instructors; they were incredibly supportive, always available when assistance was needed, and brought a lively sense of humor to the lessons.

learning to surf, the aussie way

What advice would you give to others going to Surfcamp?

Don’t miss out on the local pub experience and be sure to join in on the fun of limbo! Despite feeling a bit tired from a full day of surfing, it’s definitely worth it. The pub is the perfect spot to mingle with fellow backpackers and make new friends.

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The camp was awesome!

Was it long enough?

In my opinion, the weekend Surfcamp was a fantastic experience, but I feel like it wasn’t long enough. Due to my work commitments, I opted for the weekend trip, but if I were to recommend it to my friends, I would definitely suggest going for the 5-day option. While the weekend allowed me sufficient time to learn how to surf, it was such an enjoyable experience that I wished I could have stayed longer. Additionally, a longer stay would have provided me with the opportunity to learn more tricks and further enhance my surfing skills.

The beginners beach at Surfcamp

What was the camp like?

Surf Camp is an absolutely incredible place! It’s conveniently located just a short walk away from the beach, specifically 7-mile beach. This beach is perfect for beginners like me, as the waves are not too big, allowing us to ride them without getting overwhelmed. What’s even more exciting is that the instructors mentioned that during the summer, dolphins can often be spotted just off the beach, and some lucky people even get to surf alongside them! How amazing is that?

The food at Surf Camp was beyond amazing. They made sure we were always well-fed with three delicious meals a day, and there was never a shortage of food, which was fantastic. The staff at Surf Camp were not only friendly and helpful but also a little bit crazy in the best way possible. They truly added to the overall experience. Even if you’re traveling to Surf Camp alone, you don’t have to worry because the staff will ensure that you’re included and have a fantastic time!

Learning to surf, the aussie way

What did you do in the evening?

After dinner on Saturday, we had such a funny night playing drinking games with new faces and the instructors! Luckily we woke up on Sunday with no hangover to catch some serious waves -we went further out to catch the big guns…awesome!!

Did you think it was value for money?

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Everything was included in the Surfcamp package – the accommodation, surf lessons, equipment, and even the travel. The only thing I had to spend money on was a couple of beers! As an added bonus, we received a free T-shirt, a trucker hat, and a $20 Rip Curl voucher. Throughout the weekend, there were photographers capturing our surfing moments, and the best shots were displayed on a TV during dinner and uploaded to Facebook. It was hilarious to see the epic wipeouts from the day! I will definitely be recommending Surfcamp to all my friends. It’s an experience they shouldn’t miss!

Surfcamp freebies!

Surf Camp includes return transfers from Sydney, your accommodation, food, surf gear, photos, videos & extra freebies!
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