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Welcome to East Coast Australia: Experience the best of Australia East Coast from Sydney to Cairns on our East Coast Australia Tours. Guided Group Tours. See Fraser Island, Whitsundays Tours & more.

Semi guided:  More free time, more inclusions at a better price.
Support:  You will have us here to help, all the way up the coast!
Discounts & Specials:  Food, drinks or more activities, we have it all.
Perfect For:  People wanting a group tour but with freedom.
East Coast Australia Tour itinerary East Coast Route where you'll go From Sydney to Cairns during Australia East Coast Adventure Tour East Coast Tour in Oz East Coast Australia Tour Down Under


East Coast Australia tour starting in Sydney, you will travel all the way up the East Coast of Australia until Cairns. Hitting the beautiful small towns, getting off the beaten path with unique destinations but also experiencing the big three: Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays and K’Gari (Fraser Island).

hostel accommodation during East Coast Australia Tour where you'll stay during East Coast Tour Australia East Coast Adventure Down Under accommodation East Coast Tour Oz


As we make our way up the Australia’s East Coast, we’ll be staying in our favourite hostels in the different towns along the way. You’ll also spend two nights camping on K’Gari (Fraser Island) and two nights on an overnight bus. Travel East Coast Australia with the experts in adventure tours and day trips.

Welcome to the breathtaking East Coast of Australia, where adventure and natural beauty collide! If you’re ready for an unforgettable journey filled with stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and thrilling experiences, then our Australia East Coast Adventure Tour is the perfect choice for you.

From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the pristine beaches of the famous Whitsundays, this tour will take you on an exhilarating expedition along the coastline, showcasing the very best that Australia has to offer. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning sights, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Prepare yourself for an all-encompassing adventure along Australia’s East Coast, where every remarkable highlight awaits. Experience the bohemian charm of Byron Bay, with its relaxed surfer backpacker atmosphere. Traverse the vast expanse of K’gari (Fraser Island), the world’s largest sand island, in a thrilling 4WD expedition. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling in its vibrant waters off the coast of Cairns. Get up close and personal with adorable koalas on Magnetic Island. And brace yourself for not just one, but two unforgettable encounters with the magnificent Whitsunday Islands — once aboard a boat and then again from the sky, as we treat you to a breathtaking scenic flight above the captivating Heart Reef. This East Coast Australia journey promises moments that are truly special and memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Byron Bay during East Coast Australia Tour with your guide before doing an incredible sunset glow kayak You’ll spend 3 days in Byron Bay East Coast Adventure Down Under

Experience Byron Bay

Explore Byron Bay with your guide before doing an incredible sunset glow kayak. You’ll spend 3 days in Byron Bay.

Great Barrier Reef during East Coast Australia Tour Get up close to Nemo and if you want, upgrade to a Scuba Dive East Coast Tour in Australia Oz Tour East Coast

Great Barrier Reef

Get up close to Nemo and if you want, upgrade to a Scuba Dive!

Fly Over the Whitsundays in East Coast Australia Tour Before an incredible boat trip, you will see the Whitsundays from the sky on a special scenic flight over Heart Reef East Coast Oz

Fly Over the Whitsundays

Before an incredible boat trip, you will see the Whitsundays from the sky on a special scenic flight over Heart Reef.

East Coast Australia Tour includes National Park Tour something different with our trip to Tamborine National Park, including wine tasting, glow worms and secret waterfalls East Coast Tour Oz

National Park Tour

Do something different with our trip to Tamborine National Park, including wine tasting, glow worms and secret waterfalls.

East Coast Australia Tour Explore K’Gari (Fraser Island) Spend 3 days at our favourite place in Australia, driving through rainforest, swimming in freshwater lakes and relaxing in lazy rivers

Explore K’Gari (Fraser Island)

Spend 3 days at our favourite place in Australia, driving through rainforest, swimming in freshwater lakes and relaxing in lazy rivers.

East Coast Tour Australia East Coast Adventure Magical Magnetic Island Spend 2 days relaxing amongst koalas and wallabies on Magnetic Island, also a great place to swim or hike!

Magical Magnetic Island

Spend 2 days relaxing amongst koalas and wallabies on Magnetic Island, also a great place to swim or hike!

Unique Everglades Stay during East Coast Tour in Australia Stay amongst kangaroos in lakeside cabins before exploring the Everglades by cruise and canoe East Coast Adventure

Unique Everglades Stay

Stay amongst kangaroos in lakeside cabins before exploring the Everglades by cruise and canoe!

Whether it’s our Skydiving during East Coast Australia White Water Rafting or Surfing we can help with all of it East Coast Tour in Oz East Coast Tour in Down Under

Add-On Options

Whether it’s our Skydiving, White Water Rafting or Surfing we can help with all of it!

This tour is a semi guided tour and perfect for people wanting a group tour but with freedom. Whether you’re here for a working holiday or simply touring the country, our program provides the perfect introduction to the Australian way of life. This trip is ideal for individuals with a sense of adventure, a desire to learn about new cultures and a love for new experiences.

Experience the best of Australia’s East Coast and make lasting connections with a diverse group of like-minded travelers during our ultimate Australia East Coast Adventure.

With small group sizes of 5 – 24 people, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others from all over the world and create memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy insider access and the freedom to follow your own interests, with the added benefit of a close-knit group dynamic. So don’t miss out on the chance to make new friends and explore the East Coast with a fun and exciting group of people.

Get in touch with other members of your group before you even depart to get to know each other before your journey starts.

All visitors to Australia (excepting those from New Zealand) will require a visa or e-visa/ETA to enter. These must be applied for before departure, and if you’re planning on working in Australia whilst you’re out here you’ll need a Working Holiday Visa. If you are just heading to Australia for fun however, an ETA will suffice. Both visas can be applied for online. Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information.
Also, check out the general Australian visa requirement here.

Sure! We recommend searching and comparing flight prices using Skyscanner.com.
Travel insurance is highly recommended for all of our trips in Australia. You can get this in the Insurance section of our site.

You can change the date of your booking, unlimited times and subject to availability, up until 28 days before your departure date. Please read our full Booking Policy.


Today marks the beginning of an incredible journey, a day when you will meet your tour guide and embark on a four-week adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime.

We will start by gathering for a meet and greet session, where you will have the opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers and tour guide. During this session, we will also go through the itinerary for your East Coast adventure, addressing any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that you feel both relaxed and exhilarated about the upcoming experiences.

Following the meet and greet, we have a special surprise inclusion planned for you, adding an element of excitement and anticipation. This will be followed by a heartwarming Welcome Dinner, where we will come together as a travel family and share our first meal.

As the day progresses, we will board an overnight bus that will take us to our next destination, the enchanting Byron Bay. This beautiful coastal town will be the backdrop for the next part of our adventure.

Byron Bay, with its breathtaking beaches, world-class surf, delectable cuisine, and positive energy, is a must-visit destination for every traveler.

Upon arrival, your tour guide will take you on a tour of this remarkable town, commonly referred to as ‘the Bay,’ allowing you to familiarize yourself with its charms. Following the tour, we will come together for a group meal, celebrating our first night in this vibrant town.

The next two days are dedicated to you and your preferences – that’s the beauty of our travel style. Whether you’re inclined to catch some waves, indulge in a yoga session, or simply relax on the beach, the choice is yours. Our knowledgeable tour guide will be available to assist and provide guidance, ensuring that your desires are fulfilled.

As the sun begins to set on your second evening, we have an unforgettable experience planned for you – a mesmerizing sunset river kayak tour, culminating with a visit to a local pub. To top it off, our final evening in Byron Bay will be a team night out, allowing us to bond and create lasting memories.

During our stay in Byron Bay, we will be accommodated at the incredible Surf House, conveniently located just 100 meters from the beach. Additionally, the Surf House boasts a rooftop bar, adding to the overall experience and ambiance of our stay.

Leaving Byron Bay, we will embark on the next leg of our journey as a group, without our tour guide. But fret not, before parting ways, your guide will conduct a special session to provide valuable insights and assistance for the remainder of your time in Australia.

Our next destination is the vibrant Surfers Paradise, where we have arranged accommodation at the finest hostel on the renowned Gold Coast. Take this opportunity to soak up the sun on the pristine beaches or indulge in thrilling adventures at the various theme parks that the area has to offer. Rest assured, we are here to assist you in organizing and planning these activities to make your experience seamless and enjoyable.

From the Gold Coast, our journey continues onward to Brisbane, the captivating capital of Queensland.

We strive to offer you unique experiences in unfamiliar yet extraordinary locations, and today is dedicated to just that. Prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty of Tamborine National Park, where you’ll be treated to a day filled with breathtaking lookouts, secluded waterfall swims, and delightful wine tasting. As an added bonus, you’ll even have the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing glow worms. How amazing is that? Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Noosa, a beloved vacation spot for both travelers and locals alike, is undeniably one of life’s perfect havens.

Similar to Byron Bay, Noosa boasts awe-inspiring beaches and a thriving culinary scene. However, what sets it apart is the proximity of its National Park, a mere 500 meters from the town. Within this park lies the renowned Fairy Pools, offering a magical experience.

We are well-equipped to provide you with expert advice on exploring the National Park, as well as uncovering the hidden gems of Noosa and discovering the most picturesque sunset spots.

Ensuring that you stay in top-notch accommodations is our priority, and in Noosa, we have secured Bounce, a newly established hostel located just minutes away from the pristine turquoise river, perfect for a refreshing swim. Not only is Noosa itself stunning, but it is also conveniently close to one of the world’s two Everglades National Parks. Can you guess where our next destination will be?

Following your time in Noosa, we have arranged for you to enjoy a picturesque lakeside stay at Habitat Noosa. Here, you will have the opportunity to reside together in cozy cabins surrounded by the presence of kangaroos each evening. You can embrace the serene atmosphere by taking a kayak or paddleboard out onto the tranquil lake, or simply relax on land with a refreshing beer from the onsite brewery.

During your second day at Habitat Noosa, you will be treated to a truly special experience as you explore the renowned Everglades National Park. First, you will embark on a scenic boat cruise along the breathtaking River of Mirrors, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Following the boat cruise, you will have the incredible chance to continue your adventure by canoeing along the same spectacular river. Rest assured, all the necessary equipment will be provided, and the canoeing distance is manageable. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through this remarkable national park.

K’Gari, meaning paradise, is the traditional name for the breathtaking Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island and a beloved destination along the East Coast, often frequented by travelers like yourself.

During our time on the island, we will embark on an exhilarating 4WD tag along tour, allowing us to explore the enchanting rainforests, captivating sand blows, and refreshing freshwater lakes. Every part of this remarkable island will be uncovered as we venture through its diverse landscapes. As an added bonus, you will have the unique opportunity to take the wheel and drive!*

Throughout our stay, we will remain together as a group, fully immersing ourselves in the island’s beauty. After our unforgettable experience on Fraser Island, we will return to the scenic Rainbow Beach. This beach is perfect for beginners, offering an ideal setting for a surf lesson, which we can arrange for you upon request. Get ready to ride the waves and embrace the coastal lifestyle!

We are determined to provide you with unforgettable experiences along the East Coast, and the Whitsundays is undoubtedly one of the highlights. What could be better than experiencing the Whitsundays once? Experiencing it twice! We are committed to ensuring that you fully immerse yourself in the wonders of this stunning destination.

Firstly, we will treat you to a remarkable day trip, where you will explore the Whitsundays by boat. This fantastic excursion includes the opportunity to snorkel in pristine waters and visit the world-renowned Whitehaven Beach, known for its breathtaking beauty. Get ready to discover vibrant marine life and sink your toes into the pure silica sands of this iconic beach.

But that’s not all! Before our Whitsundays boat adventure, we have arranged a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for you: a 60-minute scenic flight over Heart Reef. Yes, you read that right – it’s included in your itinerary! Brace yourself for awe-inspiring aerial views of this magnificent natural wonder, a heart-shaped reef that will leave you speechless.

Prepare for an incredible journey, where you will have the opportunity to witness the Whitsundays from both land and air, creating lasting memories that will stay with you forever.

Magnetic Island may be an unfamiliar name to you, but it holds a special place in our hearts here at Welcome to Travel. Just take a look at its beauty! After engaging in numerous activities, this island serves as the perfect oasis to unwind and rejuvenate before reaching your final destination, Cairns.

There’s no better place to embrace relaxation than “Maggy,” as locals affectionately call it. The island is home to a plethora of wild koalas and wallabies, adding to its charm. During your stay on Magnetic Island, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on the famous Forts Walk, where stunning views await. Additionally, you can hire kayaks, snorkeling gear, or even opt for a unique experience with the iconic Barbie Cars. Rest assured, we’ll be there to assist you with all of these arrangements.

Take this time to immerse yourself in the tranquility of Magnetic Island, connect with nature, and create cherished memories. It’s the ideal way to recharge before reaching the vibrant city of Cairns.

In the blink of an eye, you have covered nearly 3000km, and in the process, a true bond has formed within our travel family.

To commemorate this incredible journey, we have planned an unforgettable day on the Great Barrier Reef. Get ready to snorkel alongside the enchanting Nemo and his underwater friends. If you’re up for it, there’s also an opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of the reef through a scuba diving adventure. Feel the thrill of exploring this natural wonder up close and personal.

As we near the end of our journey, we will raise our glasses and toast to the best month of our lives during a final farewell meal, celebrating the incredible memories we have made together.

Cairns, known as a backpacker’s paradise, offers an array of thrilling activities. From exhilarating white water rafting and immersive rainforest trips to heart-pounding bungy jumps and exhilarating skydives, there’s something for everyone. Rest assured, we are here to assist you in booking these exciting experiences, ensuring that you make the most of your time in Cairns.

During your stay in Cairns, you will be accommodated at the renowned Gilligans Resort, complete with a refreshing pool and a lively bar within the premises. Take the opportunity to relax, socialize, and reflect on the incredible journey you’ve undertaken.

Embrace the vibrant energy of Cairns, soak in the adventure, and treasure the final moments of this extraordinary chapter in your travel story.

Get picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation, any day, any time.

We recommend that you should arrange your flights to arrive in Sydney (airport code: SYD) on your Australia East Coast tour start date, this is always a Monday. In case you want to arrive a few days early, we can help you arrange extra nights at our top-rated accommodation in Sydney central before your 30-day East Coast Tour Australia begins.

Start your journey with a relaxed Day 1 Group Meet and Greet Session. Indulge in wine tasting and take a refreshing dip in the park’s waterfalls.
Engage in a thrilling Pre-Departure Sydney Activity filled with secret fun. Witness the mesmerizing glow worms at Mount Tamborine National Park.
Get acquainted with fellow travelers over a delightful Welcome Meal. Explore the stunning Noosa National Park, known for its Fairy Pools.
Embark on a group exploration of Byron Bay. Engage in Frisbee Golf and spot wildlife at the breathtaking Habitat Noosa.
Enjoy an optional Yoga session amidst the serene surroundings of Byron Bay. Take a relaxing cruise or choose to canoe in one of the two World’s Everglades National Parks.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Byron Bay’s beaches and take a refreshing Lighthouse Walk. Witness the stunning sunset at the picturesque Carlo Sandblow.
Delight in a delectable dinner on your first night in Byron Bay. Spend three unforgettable days on the mesmerizing K’Gari (Fraser Island).
Have a memorable team night out to conclude your stay in Byron Bay. Enjoy a scenic flight, included in the package, over the breathtaking Whitsundays and Heart Reef.
Experience the magic of kayaking at sunset in Byron Bay. Discover the world-famous Whitehaven Beach during an exciting boat trip.
Unwind and have a blast at the beaches and bars of Surfers Paradise. Dive into the pristine waters of the Whitsundays for a memorable snorkeling experience.
Discover the vibrant capital city of Queensland, Brisbane. Unwind and soak up the beauty of Magnetic Island.
Embark on a unique day trip to the enchanting Mount Tamborine National Park. Embark on an incredible trip to the Great Barrier Reef, with snorkeling included and the option to add scuba diving.
Overnight Bus Enjoy a comfortable overnight bus journey.
3 nights Byron Bay Indulge in a delightful 3-night stay in the captivating Byron Bay.
2 night Surfers Paradise Experience the vibrant atmosphere with a 2-night stay in Surfers Paradise.
3 nights Brisbane Explore the dynamic city of Brisbane with a relaxing 3-night stay.
3 nights Noosa Immerse yourself in the beauty of Noosa during a memorable 3-night stay.
2 nights Habitat Noosa Discover the enchanting Habitat Noosa with a 2-night stay in this breathtaking location.
2 Nights Rainbow Beach Unwind for 2 nights in the scenic Rainbow Beach.
3 days/2nights Fraser Island Embark on a thrilling 3-day, 2-night adventure on the majestic Fraser Island.
1 night Rainbow Beach Spend a peaceful night in Rainbow Beach before continuing your journey to Airlie Beach.
1 night overnight Rainbow Beach to Airlie Beach Enjoy an overnight journey from Rainbow Beach to Airlie Beach, offering you a chance to rest and recharge.
3 nights Airlie Beach Revel in the beauty of Airlie Beach during a 3-night stay in this coastal paradise.
2 Nights Magnetic Island Experience the magic of Magnetic Island with a relaxing 2-night stay.
4 nights Cairns Conclude your journey with a 4-night stay in the vibrant city of Cairns, offering a multitude of exciting activities and attractions.
6 Lunches
5 Dinners
Food and drink Discounts and Specials for every destination
Suitable For vegans
*Optional Beer Tasting at Lakeside brewery

This Australia East Coast Tour is a semi-guided tour which means you will have more free time, more inclusions at a better price compared to other tour operators.

Why is Semi Guided the Ultimate Way to Explore the Australia’s East Coast?

Experience the best of both worlds with our Semi Guided travel option, offering you a unique and enriching journey along the East Coast of Australia. Here’s why this innovative approach stands out:

  1. Perfect Start: Your adventure begins with a guide accompanying you from Sydney to Byron Bay, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable start to your trip.
  2. Travel Family: Forge lasting connections with your fellow travelers, as you journey together, creating a close-knit travel family to share incredible experiences with.
  3. Effortless Organization: Leave the logistics to us. Your activities, transportation, and accommodation are all expertly organized, allowing you to focus on making memories.
  4. Freedom to Explore: Unlike fully guided tours, our Semi Guided option grants you more free time. Take a breather, pursue your interests, or simply savor the moment at your own pace.
  5. Continuous Support: Thanks to our dedicated app, you’ll have the Welcome to Travel guide by your side throughout your journey, ensuring you’re never far from assistance or recommendations.
  6. Guided Adventures: Your activities will always have a knowledgeable guide, enhancing your experiences and deepening your understanding of the places you visit.
  7. Tailored Experiences: Enjoy the flexibility of multiple options for your free time at each destination. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or simply want to unwind, we provide a variety of suggestions to suit your mood. From optional activities to free-time ideas and culinary recommendations, you’ll have it all as you journey up the coast.

Working Holiday Guide is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself, including boosting your confidence to continue traveling independently after your adventure with us. Our Semi Guided program strikes the perfect balance between group exploration, free time, and continuous support, setting you up for a lifetime of memorable travel experiences.

Bus: Modern, Air Conditioned Coach Travel up the Coast. (WiFi/USB)
Ferry: Your transport to Magnetic Island.
4WD Jeep/Troupes on Fraser Island.
Fast Boat: Your trip to the Whitsundays.
Plane: Flight over the Whitsundays.
Connect with your group, before, throughout and after the Australia East Coast tour.
Lifetime membership with our local support team in Australia.
Access to free quarterly events from our local team.
Discounted rates for Melbourne and Sydney events (parties, bar crawls).
Private lifetime member Facebook group access.
Travel information session.
Free recommendations for every destination on your tour.
Book other activities with our help.
Customised travel planning.
National Travel Specials and Discounts.
Ongoing Travel Help After Your Australia East Coast Tour.

In our travel packages, we include certain activities that we believe are essential and universally enjoyed. However, we also recognize that everyone has their own unique preferences and interests. While you might be eager to learn scuba diving, someone else in your dorm room might have a fear of heights but thoroughly enjoy thrilling jumps. Our goal is to embrace these differences and support you throughout your journey, ensuring that you have the most exceptional experience tailored to your preferences.

We understand that individual preferences can vary greatly, and that’s where we come in. We are here to assist you with all these additional experiences along the way. Whether it’s arranging scuba diving lessons or finding exciting alternatives for those who prefer land-based activities, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your journey. Moreover, we have exclusive specials and discounts to make your travel experience even more rewarding. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

During your travels, it’s natural to crave some personal time, and our semi-guided style of travel is designed to provide exactly that. You’ll enjoy a perfect balance of organized activities, a lively group atmosphere, and comfortable accommodation, while still having ample “me” time during Australia East Coast Tour.

Undoubtedly, you’ll want to make the most of your free time by exploring the places you visit. Perhaps you’ll be inclined to explore a national park in one town, while in another, you might prefer to unwind at a local pub.

As we always emphasize, every individual is unique, and that’s what makes traveling so extraordinary. You constantly encounter new experiences with people who are wonderfully diverse. Since everyone has distinct preferences, we are here to offer recommendations, advice, and local tips to suit every mood and cater to every type of person.

International flights not included for your East Coast Australia tour.
We recommend searching and comparing flight prices using SkyScanner.com or contact us for a great flight deal.

Travel Insurance is NOT included, however it is mandatory for you to have travel insurance for the duration of your tour. If you require travel insurance, WorkingHolidayGuide.com has partnered up with World Nomads to provide a hassle-free experience. More information can be found here.

Absolutely! It’s completely natural to feel that way, and we completely empathize because we’ve been in your shoes.

One of the most remarkable aspects of our Australia East Coast tours is witnessing how our travelers form such close bonds and become a tightly-knit family by the end of the journey.

We’ve had the privilege of witnessing friendships forged during our tours that continue long after the adventure ends. In fact, we have travelers who were once part of the same tour group a year ago and are still exploring the world together today! With everyone sharing the same experiences and embarking on this adventure together, you will undoubtedly make lifelong friends during your Austrlia East Coast Adventure tour.

Prepare to be amazed by the connections you’ll form and the incredible relationships that will endure far beyond the tour itself.

Yes you do! If you’re coming here just as a tourist to visit Australia or do the East Coast Tour Australia, you’ll need a Visitor Visa.

If you’re coming here to work while you’re on holiday, you’ll need either a Working Holiday Visa (417) or a Work and Holiday Visa (462), depending on which country you’re from.

You can find more information and a list of the various visas HERE.

We recommend organising this as soon as possible.

The application can be completed through your travel agent, or directly through the same Australian Government website. Please click here to learn more about the visa.

We always recommend checking the Australian Government website for any specific enquiries.

Your East Coast Tour Australia package includes accommodation, transport, and 14 meals. Additional expenses depend on your preferred extra activities, dining out choices, and beverage preferences. To save money, take advantage of hostel freebies and enjoy cooking together as a group. Cheers to a budget-friendly adventure!

Certainly! Rest assured that if food is included in the tour, we will always be sure to know your dietary requirements in advance.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to traveling in Australia, accumulated from our experienced team of over 30 years. With this expertise, we are well-versed in uncovering the most breathtaking sunset spots and discovering hidden waterfalls that will leave you in awe.

Rest assured that throughout your journey, we will provide you with the absolute best advice for every town and city you visit. Whether you’re seeking local recommendations, insider tips, or must-see attractions, we have you covered. Our goal is to ensure that you make the most of your time in each destination, immersing yourself in the wonders and hidden gems that Australia has to offer.

Yes, our local team is full of foodies that have coffee addictions and that are also known enjoy a beer too. We have recommendations, but we also have specials and discounts all of the way up the coast, at least 1 per town/city.

You sure can! We know that there may be some things you’re not quite sure on and that’s ok, you can decide later on. We can offer all of the below and more once you’re here:

  • Rainforest Road Trip Add On
  • Skydive
  • Bungy Jump
  • Surf Lesson
  • White Water Rafting
  • Dive Course

If you’d like us to give you a quote for some of these activities on top of your East Coast tour, please contact us.

Absolutely! This style of travel provides a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and forge lifelong friendships as you embark on your journey.

One of the advantages of this travel approach is that it allows for flexibility in choosing group activities. If you prefer to have some nights to yourself or engage in independent exploration, you have the freedom to do so. It’s all about tailoring the experience to your preferences and making the most of your travel adventure in a way that suits you best. So, whether you want to immerse yourself in group activities every night or enjoy some solo time, the choice is entirely yours. Embrace the freedom and create unforgettable memories while connecting with incredible people along the way.

Absolutely! Throughout all your activities, a local guide will accompany you, ensuring you’re always in the care of a knowledgeable expert.

Indeed! Your journey is backed by not just a guide but an entire team dedicated to supporting you throughout your entire trip!

Medicare is Australia’s health care scheme, which allows Australians and some overseas visitors to access certain health services at little or no cost. Only a handful of countries are eligible to apply for Medicare in Australia, including:

Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, The Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Click HERE to see details for eligibility and details for enrolment, such as what documents you will need to bring to service centres. We will also explain this in more detail when you arrive and point you in the right direction.

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    The Australia East Coast Adventure tour was an absolute dream come true! It was my first time visiting Australia, and this tour provided the perfect introduction to the country. The itinerary was well-thought-out, ensuring we didn’t miss any of the must-see destinations along the East Coast. From the breathtaking views of the Twelve Apostles to the adrenaline-pumping activities in Cairns, I felt like I was living in a postcard. The tour guides were phenomenal, sharing fascinating stories and local insights that added depth to our journey. The small group size allowed for a more intimate experience, and I made incredible connections with fellow travelers. If you’re looking for an epic adventure in Australia, this tour is an absolute winner!

    June 3, 2023
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    April 25, 2023
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    I recently completed the Australia East Coast Adventure tour, and I cannot recommend it enough. It was a jam-packed itinerary that allowed me to see the best of what the East Coast has to offer. The tour was well-organized, and the activities were varied and exciting. From hiking in the Daintree Rainforest to exploring the vibrant nightlife of Surfers Paradise, every day brought a new and memorable experience. The accommodations were comfortable, and the tour guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and always there to assist. This tour exceeded my expectations in every way and left me with incredible memories of Australia’s stunning East Coast.

    February 10, 2023
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    Easy to use and organise your trip with, super helpful with any questions you may have, great value for money.

    January 9, 2023
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    The Australia East Coast Adventure tour was an absolute dream come true! It was my first time visiting Australia, and this tour provided the perfect introduction to the country. The itinerary was well-thought-out, ensuring we didn’t miss any of the must-see destinations along the East Coast. From the breathtaking views of the Twelve Apostles to the adrenaline-pumping activities in Cairns, I felt like I was living in a postcard. The tour guides were phenomenal, sharing fascinating stories and local insights that added depth to our journey. The small group size allowed for a more intimate experience, and I made incredible connections with fellow travelers. If you’re looking for an epic adventure in Australia, this tour is an absolute winner!

    November 30, 2022
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    The Australia East Coast Adventure tour was the highlight of my travels! It was an action-packed itinerary that allowed me to immerse myself in the beauty and diversity of Australia’s East Coast. From snorkeling with turtles in the Whitsundays to exploring the stunning Blue Mountains, every day was filled with awe-inspiring moments. The tour guides were professional, friendly, and passionate about their job, which made the experience even more enjoyable. The accommodations were comfortable and conveniently located, providing a great base for our adventures. This tour exceeded my expectations and left me with memories that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an unforgettable journey along Australia’s East Coast.

    October 10, 2022
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    Booking the Australia East Coast Adventure tour was the best decision I made for my trip to Australia. It was an absolute blast from start to finish! The tour offered a perfect balance of activities, from city sightseeing and cultural experiences to thrilling outdoor adventures. I loved exploring Sydney’s iconic landmarks, surfing in Byron Bay, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. The tour guides were fantastic, providing valuable insights and taking care of all the logistics seamlessly. The group dynamics were amazing, and I made lifelong friends during this adventure. This tour is a must-do for anyone seeking an action-packed and unforgettable journey along the East Coast of Australia!

    August 21, 2022
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