7 Reasons You NEED To Do Surf Camp Australia

7 Reasons You NEED To Do Surf Camp Australia

Why You Should Go To Surf Camp Australia

Does anyone else immediately associate Australia with “surfing,” or is it just me? I mean, I know surfing is not exclusive to Australia by any means, but there’s something about the country that evokes that image, you know? The warm climate, tropical shorelines, crystal-clear waters, and the iconic surfers with their sun-kissed hair, representing brands like Rip Curl and Billabong… Surfing is simply ingrained in Australian culture. If you visit Australia and don’t give surfing a try, you’re definitely passing up on a remarkable experience!

1. The best way to learn how to surf

Although this wasn’t my initial attempt at standing up on a surfboard, I realized I was among the minority who had prior experience before attending Surf Camp. It was exhilarating to be surrounded by individuals who were all embarking on their first surfing adventure. There was no sense of superiority or inferiority among us. We were all beginners, united by our shared purpose of learning how to surf, having a fantastic time, and creating lasting memories at Surf Camp Australia.

Due to my limited availability on weekends, I opted for the Weekender / 2-day Surf Camp. Over the course of the entire weekend, we underwent three comprehensive surf lessons, which proved to be both intense and incredibly fulfilling.

2. The itinerary: Sleep, eat, surf, eat, surf, eat, party, sleep and…Repeat!

On Saturday, the day starts with an early rise, followed by a hearty breakfast, and a direct journey to the beach. The introductory surf lesson proves to be an absolute blast, and afterwards, we return to camp for a satisfying lunch. The adventure continues with another surf lesson in the afternoon, and the following morning brings yet another session. Remarkably, in under 48 hours, each member of our group achieves the impressive feat of standing up on their surfboard and riding some incredible waves. Surf Camp works its magic, transforming us into bona fide surf enthusiasts, both dudes and chicks alike, in just two days! “Totally awesome, dude!”

Learning to surf at Surf Camp Australia

3. Amazing instructors

Although seasoned surfers make it appear effortless, surfing is, in reality, an incredibly challenging sport. It demands considerable physical exertion, and the experience is heavily influenced by the whims of Mother Nature. The three critical factors that dictate whether your surfing session will be smooth or arduous are the waves, wind, and tide. Fortunately, Surf Camp boasts a team of skilled surf instructors who excel at teaching the intricacies of surfing in various weather conditions. With their expertise, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on how to navigate the waves under different circumstances.

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4. Group and individual help

One aspect of Surf Camp that I absolutely adored was the perfect balance between group camaraderie and personalized attention during surf lessons. Despite being part of a large camp with around 50 people, I still received individualized guidance throughout my experience. It was incredible to connect with such a diverse group and feel like we were all part of an extended family of novice surfers. However, considering the size of the group, 50 people can be quite challenging when it comes to learning how to surf effectively. To maximize the productivity of our surf lessons, they divided us into smaller groups of approximately 10 to 15 individuals.

Within each small group, we were fortunate to have the support of two surf instructors. This arrangement ensured that everyone at Surf Camp had the opportunity to receive personal assistance during each surf lesson. The instructors would accompany us into the water without their own surfboards, assisting us in selecting the ideal wave and helping us get onto our boards. I only wish I could have participated in the 5-day Surf Camp, as with more time to practice, I have no doubt that I would have evolved into a proficient surf enthusiast!

The instructors at Surf Camp Australia are awesome!

5. The real Aussie experience

Upon arriving at Surf Camp Australia, you are greeted by the sight of a genuine surfer’s paradise. Vibrant colors permeate the surroundings, with sand strewn about, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and cheerful surf quotes adorning the cabins. Instantly, a feeling of holiday and summer engulfs you. However, it is the instructors and staff at Surf Camp who truly transport you to paradise. They live and breathe the Surf Camp experience every day, and their sole objective is to ensure you have an incredible time. The atmosphere exudes greatness, tranquility, and an incredibly laid-back vibe. They effortlessly sprinkle Aussie slang, share hilarious Australian jokes, and seemingly prompt you to flash the shaka sign every five minutes! In essence, it’s an authentic Australian encounter, and it is undeniably awesome!

Learn to surf Aussie style at Surf Camp Australia

6. The best food you’ll ever have

You know that ravenous hunger that hits you after a swim? Well, multiply that feeling by tenfold when it comes to surfing. Surfing demands an immense amount of energy, and once you emerge from the water after a surf session, you’re left famished. Fortunately, the culinary team at Surf Camp Australia are true heroes (and incredible chefs), consistently serving up the most phenomenal meals.

During my time at Surf Camp, they treated us to mouthwatering delights. From succulent hamburgers and delectable ham rolls to hearty pasta bakes with mouthwatering barbecued meats, the meals were pure bliss. Not only is it the most delectable food you’ll ever encounter, but it’s also an abundance of food. The last thing they want is for anyone to go hungry, so they ensure an ample supply of scrumptious dishes. Your plate will be filled to the brim, so much so that carrying it back to your seat becomes a delightful challenge!

The food at Surf Camp Australia is awesome

7. Surfing in Spring, Summer and Autumn

Despite it being autumn in Australia during my time at Surf Camp, located two hours south of Sydney, the temperatures hovered around a relatively cool 20 degrees Celsius. Walking around in shorts wasn’t the norm, and we even found ourselves needing to use a heater in our cabin during the evenings. Now, you might be wondering why anyone would choose to go to Surf Camp in such “chilly” weather.

Allow me to assure you that the weather conditions were absolutely perfect. The sun shone brightly, and there was a pleasant absence of wind. In fact, we were advised to apply sunscreen diligently because, even though it wasn’t the height of summer, the sun’s rays were still potent enough to cause sunburn. Moreover, it’s essential to remember that when you go surfing, a wetsuit is a must. Not only does it protect your skin from potential scrapes and rashes caused by the surfboard, but it also keeps you remarkably warm while riding the Pacific waves.

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In other words, if you’re thinking about doing Surf Camp Australia, I only have 2 tips for you:

  1. Don’t think about it, just do it! It has definitely been my best and most fun weekend in Australia so far. I loved it so much, I might actually go back next month.
  2. Two days is just way too short. If you have the time, do the 5-day Surf Camp. You’ll be able to have the full experience, make a lot more friends and for sure be a better surfer after 5 days than in only 2 days.

And just so you know, Surf Camp doesn’t only include return transfers from Sydney, your accommodation, all meals and surf gear. You’ll also get free photos and videos of you surfing & extra freebies such as an awesome Surf Camp t-Shirt, cap and a $20 Rip Curl voucher!

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